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150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

by Alison Lewis

Publisher: Robert Rose Inc.

Publication Date: 2012

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The recipes in 150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches start with the grilled cheese we all love and then throw in a few creative twists to show how incredibly versatile this sandwich can be. They’re uptown, downtown, simple, gourmet, and seasonal. And the recipes aren’t limited to just lunch or dinner. There are recipes for breakfast/brunch, snacks, appetizers, and even desserts — along with condiment recipes and chapters on meatless, beef, chicken/turkey, pork, and fish/seafood versions. The cookbook is perfect for the home cook who wants tasty, healthy, economical meals featuring fresh ingredients.

Cooks&Books&Recipes Editors:

Did you know that the grilled cheese sandwich dates back to 1918 or so and was originally called a “cheese dream”? As a lifelong fan, I find that to be a fitting description. I also find it refreshing that the rest of the world is finally catching up to what I’ve known all my life. The grilled cheese is “the new burger”? What’s taken everyone else so long to catch on?

Alison Lewis — a nationally known recipe developer, food educator, nutritionist, and blogger ( — published 400 Best Sandwich Recipes last year. Luckily for us, she has now turned her attention to one sandwich: the grilled cheese. In addition to an amazing variety of recipes, Lewis reveals how to choose and store the best cheese, details the types of bread to choose from, and gives grilled cheese cooking tips, sandwich shortcuts, lightening-up tips, and seasonal options.

All I know is that since I’ve been perusing and also cooking Lewis’s selections, I’ve been having wonderful cheese dreams…

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150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

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