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Bruschetta Three Ways


Heading out to a party recently, I needed to bring appetizers and decided to test The Big Red Cookbook. Would it have anything I could use? Yes indeed. At the beginning of the appetizer chapter I found Bruschetta Eight Ways. It was a small party, so I picked only three, shown here before going into the oven to get all hot and gooey.


All three were simple to throw together, and all three were a hit at the party. If you’ve got a crowd, you can please any and all tastes by offering the bruschetta the full eight ways: (1) Artichoke Bruschetta, (2) Beef Tenderloin Bruschetta, (3) Black Bean Cotija Bruschetta, (4) BLT Bruschetta, (5) Brie, Raspberry and Pear Bruschetta, (6) Caramelized Onion-Gorgonzola Bruschetta, (7) Pesto-Mascarpone Bruschetta, and (8) Smoked Salmon Bruschetta.


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Bruschetta Three Ways

Featured Recipe From: Betty Crocker Cookbook: 1500 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today


Artichoke Bruschetta:

Spread toasted baguette slices with Hot Artichoke Dip (see recipe or use purchased dip). Sprinkle with shredded or shaved Asiago or Parmesan cheese. Serve as is, or broil about 1 minute or until cheese is melted. For a different flavor, substitute Spinach Dip.

Black Bean Cotija Bruschetta:

Spread toasted baguette slices with purchased black bean dip or refried black beans; top with Salsa (see recipe or purchased salsa). Sprinkle with crumbled Cotija cheese or shredded Cheddar and whole or chopped fresh cilantro leaves. For another taste, substitute Guacamole for the dip or refried beans.

Pesto-Mascarpone Bruschetta:

Spread toasted baguette slices with mascarpone cheese or softened cream cheese. Spoon Basil, Spinach, or Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto (see recipe or purchased pesto) over cheese. Sprinkle with chopped red bell pepper and toasted pine nuts.


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Reprinted with permission from Betty Crocker Cookbook: 1500 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)

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