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Salsa Roja {Recipe}

Recipe from Mi Comida Latina: Vibrant, Fresh, Simple, Authentic cookbook by Marcella Kriebel

Salsa Roja Recipe and Illustration - www.cooksandbooksandrecipes.comThis recipe looks a bit different from how we normally present them, because this cookbook is a bit different — in a very stunning way! As noted here, the cookbook author Marcella Kriebel, who is also an artist, created vivid, charming watercolors to accompany all the recipes. The result, as you can see, is a true work of art.

The cookbook is unusual for another reason as well: the publisher, Burgess Lea Press, donates 100% of its after-tax publishing profits on every book to organizations that address hunger relief, farmland preservation, and culinary education. All publisher’s profits from Mi Comida Latina will benefit Adelante Mujeres, chosen by Burgess Lea Press and Marcella Kriebel.

Don’t worry: we’ve included the printable version of the recipe below, so that when you get ready to make this super-fresh Salsa Roja, you can feel free to make a mess without ruining a work of art.

Mi Comida Latina: Vibrant, Fresh, Simple, Authentic cookbook - www.cooksandbooksandrecipes.com

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Salsa Roja

Featured Recipe From: Mi Comida Latina: Vibrant, Fresh, Simple, Authentic

Yield: 3 cups


2 pounds ripe tomatoes

1-2 jalapeños, cut lengthwise

6 cloves garlic, unpeeled

½ tsp salt, or to taste

½ cup finely chopped white onion

¼ cup chopped cilantro


1. Line a skillet with a sheet of aluminum foil and heat over high heat.
2. Roast the tomatoes on the aluminum, turning every 1 minute, to blacken skin. When at least 50% of the tomato skin is roasted and blackened, remove from pan.
3. Remove foil then add jalapeños and garlic and roast over high heat until they are soft and blackened.
4. Peel the garlic and, using a large mortar and pestle, crush it with the jalapeños and salt to make a chunky paste. Add the tomatoes and the onion and crush to combine. If the mortar gets too full, transfer to a bowl. Add cilantro and more salt if needed.

© 2015 Marcella Kriebel

Reprinted with permission from Mi Comida Latina: Vibrant, Fresh, Simple, Authentic by Marcella Kriebel (Burgess Lea Press)

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